Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY this: Cloud-star-moon-mobile

I was asked by Etsy Germany and if I would develop a DIY project you can do for or with kids and I was happy to do so. I came of with the idea of making a simple mobile you can hang up in a kids room. The mobile pendants are made out of Keramiplast, a kind of ceramic clay. I fixed the pendants to a metal ring I got in the craft store. It is a fund project to do on a weekend sind the pendants need time to dry overnight. Instead of the clay you could use also thick paper or FIMO clay.

What you need:
  • Keramiplast (or any other kind of clay or FIMO)
  • a metal ring (mine is approx 25 cm in diameter)
  • golden yarn (thicker and thinner ones)
  • cookie cutter (I used a cloud, star and moon)
  • a strand of absorbent cotton (optional; I used it to cover up the metal ring)

  1. Roll out the Keramiplast or clay about 0.5 cm thick
  2. Cut out as many shapes as you want to hang on the mobile, I used one moon, 13 stars and 4 clouds
  3. With a think needle, poke a hole in the shapes while they are still wet
  4. With a wet finger, smooth all edges
  5. Let the Keramiplast shapes dry overnight
  6. String the thick golden yarn around the metal ring so the mobile hangs on three strands (as you can see in the picture)
  7. String the thin golden yarn through the holes of the shapes and hang the shapes on the metal ring in any order you like
  8. To finish, glue a strand of absorbent cotton around the ring to cover up the knots
To see the full and detailed instructions (in german) visit


Have fun crafting!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Nordic Child: One more pillow won't hurt

Geometric patterns aren't only visible on accessories and clothing this upcoming season, but also on a lot of home accessories. Like these trays and pillows by the Scandinavian design company Nordic Child. They are also a great color inspiration for possible DIY home projects.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Buy or DIY: Little beads necklace

Today I'd like to introduce a new category on the blog: Buy or DIY. The first piece I've copycatted and put my own spin on it is a simple bead necklace Miss Lola by Lola Rose.  The original is made out of different color beads and hangs on a fabric string. To give it a more luxe feeling, I've attached a small golden chain to my necklace. 
To DIY it, just choose 5 to 8 beads approximately the same sice and string them on a piece of wire. Bend both ends of the wire into little hooks and attach your chain. To close it, attach a twist clasp and you're done.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Woody and in style: Bamboo sunglasses

Why not wear sunglasses made out of wood next season? The label Wood Fellas produces awesome eyewear made out of bamboo wood. I think it's a great idea and wonder why I haven't seen it anywhere else yet.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Ethno carpets from Sweden

These amazing carpets of OYYO were featured on the blog missmoss yesterday. I didn't find any shop were you could buy them and I'm guessing they are really expensive as well, but they also are really beautiful. The two in the middle are my favorites!
Maybe I'll find a similar one one day. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Golden glory: Updated wedges

I admit it, I'm addicted. I can't leave my hands off my golden spray paint bottle. So many things throughout my appartment have been turned golden these past weeks, and it seems my wardrobe is the next victim. Today I've update this pair of blue wedges. Don't know why, really, but I thought I had to change something about them. Now they have a super fancy golden sole and I think it's awesome. 
All I did is tape off all the parts I didn't want golden and put a hood of alumnium foil over the whole thing. Then I spray painted it, let it dry - and done! That easy and fast.
But be warned: if you buy a spray bottle, your shoes won't be the only thing turning golden!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Geometry A+: Pop of color

Clark's likes it colorful next season. Found these shoes online and loved the geometric pattern on them. What a fun addition to next summers' wardrobe.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Carpet hunt: Need something cozy under my feet

I'm on a hunt again. This time for the perfect carpet to make my room a little friendlier. If got actually pretty nice wooden floors throughout the appartment, but they're unfortunately painted in a dark red and I'm too lazy to sand it all off. Therefore I wish for a nice and big carpet to cover up some of the redness. I found the ones above online and put together a little collage for inspiration. It's gonna be a light mint or white one, as you can see in the picture. Haven't found the right one yet but the ones above come pretty close. Any tips are appreciated.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Couch Blogger Award: DIY gift wrap stand

This post is my participation for the couch magazine blogger award. The general theme is sustainability and bloggers can send in their ideas and posts about anything related to a sustainable life. 
Since I'm a crafty person, my contribution will be a recycling DIY. In my humble opinion, recycling is a great part of living a sustainable life and can help immensly to reduce waste. Therefore I've used empty Pringles chips cans to craft a handy gift wrap stand. Gift wraps are always lying around and never stay in its place if you just lean them on the wall. This gift wrap stand will put an end to that. 

All you need to make it are seven emtpy Pringles cans, spray paint in any color you want and a hot glue gun (I guess other strong craft glue will work just as fine). 

  • Clean all cans from the inside (you don't want your gift wraps to be all stainy and smelly)
  • Spray paint two coats of paint in any color you wish, let dry thoroughly
  • Pin the cans with paper clips and mark the spots where they meet
  • with a hot glue gun, glue the cans together just at both ends of the cans
...aaaaand, you're done!

If you wish, you could tie a ribbon around the whole lot to pretty it up a bit more.
If anyone attempts their own gift wrap stand, I'd love to see the outcome!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Dot, dot, dot: Painting porcelain

Above you can see my first attempts with a porcelain pen. I've seen lots of different designs on pinterest and wanted to try it myself. I'm quite happy with the outcome and I'm guessing there are lots more cups to come. 
Below I've assembled some of my design inspirations.

1, 2, 3, 4

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Batting lashes on my neck: Miss Bibi jewelry

via luxodo

via luxodo

Found this necklace & bracelet pair online and was first suprised, then excited. I think the fake lashes give the pieces an airy look, almost like tiny little wings. The jewlery is by Miss Bibi and I found it on luxodo. It's quite expensive indeed but my first thought was of course: could it by DIYed? Gotta go on the hunt for pretty fake lashes...


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taped it: Birthday cards

Somehow there were a lot of birthdays in January. And since traditionally there is a birthday card accompanying every gift and I like to make them myself,  I've made a few using washi tape and cardboard. My collection of colorful tapes is ever growing and it's a lot of fun to put together ideas and color schemes.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty prints: by Calm the Ham

I found these prints via Fab. They often come up with brilliant artists, makers and designers that are mostly unknown but have amazing things in store. Like the artist trio Calm the Ham. Their city skylines are perfect understated pieces of art that would fit nicely on my walls. They've got lots more cities to chose from. Check it out here. Hmmmm, maybe one day.

all images via Calm the Ham
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